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Planning to send money to a friend or family member with a UnionBank account in the Philippines? Great! But hold on a sec – unlike most banks, UnionBank uses a unique system for SWIFT codes. Don’t worry, this guide will help you navigate it like a pro and get your money there smoothly.

Bank Code, Routing Code and SWIFT Code of UnionBank in the Philippines

What’s a SWIFT Code, Anyway?

Think of a SWIFT code (also known as BIC) as a special passport for international money transfers. This unique eleven-character code identifies the specific bank and branch involved in your transaction.

UnionBank’s Code Conundrum

Why the Different Codes?

UnionBank’s SWIFT codes all share a core structure:

Bank Code10419995
NoteThis code might not be the SWIFT code. Bank codes are used for domestic transfers within the Philippines, while SWIFT codes are used for international transfers.
NoteThis is likely the head office code. UnionBank uses different SWIFT codes depending on the branch.
Routing Code26002561
NoteRouting codes are primarily used in the United States for domestic wire transfers. It’s unlikely this code is relevant for a transfer to UnionBank in the Philippines.

UnionBank uses different codes depending on the branch (e.g.: Davao City branches, etc..) and sometimes even the service involved. This could be for reasons like:

  • Smoother Operations

    Specific codes might handle different transaction types, keeping things efficient behind the scenes at UnionBank.

  • Security Boost

    Unique codes could add an extra layer of security for certain services.

Finding the Right Code

Your Money Transfer Mission

To ensure your money reaches the intended recipient, using the correct SWIFT code is crucial. Here are some tips to find the perfect code for your transfer:

  • Ask UnionBank Directly

    Their customer service team is there to help! They can provide the exact code you need for your specific transfer.

  • Get Help from the Recipient

    If you’re sending money to someone with a UnionBank account, they might already have the branch code handy.

  • Search Online with Caution

    You can search online using the branch name and location, but be super careful! Make sure the information comes from a reliable source like the UnionBank website.

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Let Typos Trip You Up!

Using the right code is key, but even small mistakes can cause delays. Here’s how to avoid some common pitfalls:

  1. Typos are Trouble

    SWIFT codes are case-sensitive, so double-check for errors, especially when entering them manually. Copying and pasting the code is your best bet here.

  2. Formatting Faux Pas

    No spaces allowed! A SWIFT code with spaces is invalid. The correct format is [bank_code][country_code][location_code][branch_code].

  3. Inaccurate Details

    Double-check all recipient information alongside the code. Even a valid code won’t help if other recipient details are wrong.

Using the correct SWIFT code is crucial for a successful and speedy transfer to UnionBank of the Philippines. With this guide and a little caution, you can ensure your money arrives quickly and safely, putting a smile on your recipient’s face!



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