40+ Philippine Bank Codes & SWIFT Codes— Your Guide to Sending Money Abroad Made Easy!

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Philippine Bank Codes & SWIFT Codes— Whether you’re sending money to family abroad or receiving international payments for your business, knowing the right codes is crucial. This guide will explain the importance of SWIFT codes and bank codes n26 in the Philippines, helping you ensure smooth and efficient financial transactions.

40+ Philippine Bank Codes & SWIFT Codes

Here’s the list for your guide to sending money abroad made easy!

BankCityBranchSWIFT Code
AllBank (A Thrift Bank) Inc.City of MandaluyongALKBPHM2
Amanah Islamic Investment Bank of the PhilippinesCity of MakatiAIIAPHIPHMM
Asia United Bank CorporationCity of PasigAUBKPHMM
Asian Development BankCity of MandaluyongASDBPHMMA
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group LimitedCity of MakatiANZBPFHMXX
Ayala CorporationCity of MakatiAYCOPHMM
BancNet, Inc.City of MakatiBNNNPHM2
Banco Laguna, Inc.City of San PedroLAUIPHM2
Bangko Montanosa, Inc. (A Rural Bank)City of TabukMOUAPHM2
Bangko Sentral ng PilipinasCity of ManilaMainPHCBPHMM
Bangko Sentral ng PilipinasCity of ManilaSDA DepartmentPHCBPHMC
Bangko Sentral ng PilipinasManilaPayments and Settlements OfficePHCBPHMDB
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, Manila BranchCity of MakatiBKKBPHMM
Bank of America, N.A. ManilaCity of MakatiBOFAPH2X
Bank of China Limited Manila Branch RMB Clearing CenterCity of MakatiBKCHPHMMRTS
Bank of China, Manila BranchCity of MakatiBKCHPHMM
Bank of CommerceCity of MandaluyongPABIPHMM
Bank of the Philippine IslandsCity of MakatiMainBOPIPHMM
Bank of the Philippine IslandsCity of MakatiTreasury GroupBOPIPHMMTRY
Bankways, Inc. (A Rural Bank)City of CebuRURLPHM2
BDO Private Bank Inc.City of MakatiBOPBPHMM
BDO Unibank, Inc.City of MakatiBNORPHMM
Binan Rural Bank, Inc.City of BinanBIURPHM2
BNP Paribas, Manila Offshore BranchCity of MakatiBNPAPHMM
Card MRI Rizal Bank, Inc.Santa CruzCAMZPHM2
Cathay United Bank Co., Ltd. Manila BranchCity of MakatiUWCBPHMM
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank, Ltd. Manila BranchCity of MakatiCCBCPHMM
China Banking CorporationCity of MakatiCHBKPHMM
CIMB Bank Philippines Inc.City of TaguigCIPHPHMM
CIS Bayad Center, Inc.City of PasigCIYCPHM2
Citibank, N.A., Manila BranchCity of CebuCebu BranchCITIPHMXCBUC
Citibank, N.A., Manila BranchCity of MakatiHead OfficeCITIPHMX
Citibank, N.A., Manila BranchCity of ManilaIB Treasury Services UnitCITIPHMXTSU
Community Rural Bank of Romblon (Romblon), Inc.City of RomblonCUOBPHM2
Cooperative Bank of CagayanCity of TuguegaraoCOYAPHM2
CTBC Bank (Philippines) Corp.City of TaguigCTCBPHMM
Deutsche Bank AGCity of ManilaDEUTPHMM
Development Bank of the PhilippinesCity of MakatiDBPHPHMME
East West Banking CorporationCity of MakatiEWBCPHMM
East West Rural Bank, Inc.City of DavaoEAWRPHM2
ECashPay Asia Inc.City of QuezonCASPHM2
First Commercial Bank, Ltd., Manila BranchCity of MakatiFCBKPHMM
G-Xchange, Inc.City of TaguigGXCHPHM2
Globe Telecom, Inc.City of TaguigGLTEPH


Do I need a SWIFT code for international transfers?

Yes, a SWIFT code (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is an essential element for international money transfers. It identifies the specific bank your recipient uses.

Where can I find my Bank SWIFT code?

You can find your bank’s SWIFT code on their official website, mobile app, or by contacting customer service. This guide also provides a comprehensive list of Philippine banks and their corresponding SWIFT codes.

Do all banks have a SWIFT code?

Yes, practically all banks involved in international transactions will have a SWIFT code.

Is the SWIFT code same for all branches?

In most cases, the SWIFT code remains the same across all branches of a particular bank in the Philippines. However, some larger banks might have specific codes for certain branches handling a high volume of international transactions. It’s always best to confirm the exact code with your bank or the recipient to avoid delays.

Why do I need a SWIFT code?

The SWIFT code identifies the specific bank where your recipient holds their account. It’s part of the routing information required for international transfers.

How SWIFT codes are structured and what they signify?

A SWIFT code is typically an 8-11 character code. It breaks down into the bank’s institution code, country code, location code, and optional branch identifier.

How will I know which SWIFT code a bank is using?

Refer to your bank’s website, mobile app, or contact customer service. This guide also provides a reference table for commonly used SWIFT codes in the Philippines.

Pro Tips and Advice

The importance of accurate codes

Using the correct SWIFT code ensures your international transfer reaches the intended recipient’s bank account. Incorrect codes can lead to delays, additional fees, or even failed transactions.

SWIFT and bank codes connect global banking networks

These codes act as unique identifiers within the international financial system, facilitating secure and efficient money transfers across borders.

Future trends of banking identification

While SWIFT codes are currently the standard, new technologies like IBAN (International Bank Account Number) might gain wider adoption in the future, offering a more standardized approach to international payments.

Always confirm the details with your recipient

Double-check the recipient’s bank name, account number, and SWIFT code before initiating a transfer. This reduces the risk of errors and ensures a smooth transaction.



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