Scandals Charges in Davao City Police Warn Public Disturbances

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Scandals Charges in Davao City: The Davao City Police Office (DCPO) is cracking down on rowdy behavior! In a recent statement, they warned that individuals caught causing public disturbances and getting into fights will face charges for alarms and scandals.

Scandals Charges in Davao City Police Warn Public Disturbances

This comes after two separate incidents in May 2024. One involved a commotion at a Bulaloan restaurant in Barangay 5-A, while the other was a reported riot in Purok 5, Brgy. Riverside, Calinan. Luckily, no arrests were made in the riot as the suspects scattered when they saw the police approaching.

The DCPO is taking these incidents seriously. They’re conducting follow-up investigations to identify the people involved and will be filing alarms and scandals charges against them. They’re also stepping up patrols across the city to increase police presence and deter future disturbances [Photo Source].


Keep the peace, Davao! The DCPO is watching out for public drunkenness, brawls, and other disorderly conduct. If you’re celebrating a fiesta or enjoying a night out, remember to do it responsibly.




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