Top 19 Most Visited Companies on Davao Corporate [May 2024 Report]

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Most Visited Companies on Davao Corporate: Davao City is a booming hub for businesses of all sizes, and Davao Corporate is the go-to platform for connecting with these companies. With over 6,000 visitors this May 2024, Davao Corporate serves as a valuable resource for job seekers, investors, and anyone interested in the Davao business landscape.

But which companies are generating the most buzz? Let’s explore consumer report based on visitor traffic in May 2024 from Davao Corporate.

Top 19 Most Visited Companies on Davao Corporate

This list provides valuable insights into the sectors and companies currently capturing the attention of Davao’s business community. So, whether you’re looking for a new career opportunity or simply curious about the city’s hottest businesses, this list is a great place to start.

1. Megiko Dormitel

Perhaps students or young professionals searching for affordable accommodations? Megiko Dormitel’s top ranking suggests a high demand for quality yet budget-friendly housing options in Davao City.

2. Concentrrix

This could indicate a strong interest in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry within Davao.

3. Monde Nissin Corporation

A household name in the Philippines, Monde Nissin’s strong showing reflects Davao’s significance in the country’s food and beverage sector.

4. Southern Philippines Medical Center

The inclusion of a medical institution highlights the importance of healthcare services in Davao City.

5. Ana’s Breeders Farms Inc.

Davao’s agricultural sector might be attracting attention, with Ana’s Breeders Farms ranking high on the list.

6. Social Security System (SSS)

This essential government agency likely receives high visitor traffic due to the need for information on social security benefits and contributions.

7. SiBS Outsourcing Solutions

Another BPO company appearing on the list, solidifying the BPO industry’s prominence in Davao.

8. Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA)

Similar to Ana’s Breeders Farms, PCA’s presence might indicate heightened interest in Davao’s agricultural resources.

9. Union Galvasteel Corporation

This suggests potential growth within the construction or steel industry in Davao.

10. San Pedro College

Educational institutions like San Pedro College might be attracting students seeking higher education opportunities in Davao.

The remaining companies on the list represent a diverse range of industries, including:

  1. Sutherland Davao (BPO)
  2. Nakashin Davao International Inc (Unidentified industry on Davao Corporate website)
  3. SteelAsia Manufacturing Corporation (Manufacturing)
  4. Suy Chicken Corporation (Food and Beverage)
  5. Sagrex Corporation (Unidentified industry on Davao Corporate website)
  6. Abreeza Corporate Center (Real Estate)
  7. Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation (Automotive)
  8. Ansaldo Logistics Inc (Logistics)
  9. HIJO Resources Corporation (Unidentified industry on Davao Corporate website)

Davao’s Diverse Business Landscape

This list showcases the dynamism of Davao’s business community. From established names like Monde Nissin to up-and-coming players like Megiko Dormitel, Davao offers a wealth of opportunities across various sectors.

For businesses looking to expand or establish themselves in Davao, this list provides valuable insights into current trends and areas of high interest. Learn more at!

Davao Corporate will continue to monitor visitor traffic and provide updates on the most sought-after companies in the city.

Stay tuned for future rankings!




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