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Rini HashimRini Hashim
09:32 07 Aug 22
One of the most sensory-filled museum curated. It was my highlight of Malagos resort. Kids will expect some chocolate making factory is in progress at the end of the museum walk, but it was closed due to pandemic maybe. There is however, a cafe that offers you hot chocolate and an indoor playground in the museum to keep kids busy. Adults will enjoy the short chocolate history and info graphic
Sherile ChavezSherile Chavez
05:16 17 Jul 22
I highly recommend Malagos Chocolate Museum not just for their world class quality of chocolate but also for their hospitality to guests. They are very kind, helpful and considerate. The place is beautiful, relaxing, well mentained and really clean.
Jay BerihansamJay Berihansam
00:08 05 Jul 22
I have been part of the company for 2 years and that itself would prove how employee-oriented and great this BPO company is. 👌👏
Michelle Anne PamaranMichelle Anne Pamaran
13:17 16 Jun 22
We enjoyed the chocolate museum in Malagos. We didnt try their chocolate making but we tried their hot chocolate and pretzels. Their hot choco is so thick and creamy made from tablea. I love their pretzels. Very nice combination.
Jacky AradoJacky Arado
15:30 30 Jan 22
A bit disappointed cause we were expecting a different kind of chocolate making experience tho. We thought we will be the one to do all steps like melt down the chocolate and all. Oops! 🙊Everything are prepared already for you. You just have to put the melted chocolate in the chocolate holder of your choice, add your desired toppings and viola let it freeze for 30mins. Then, you'll have your chocolates already. But, don't get me wrong, we had a lot of fun still. And also, the malagos chocolates taste so good as well. 🍫
Jeremy JonesJeremy Jones
09:29 06 Dec 22
One of the most fabulous Resort I have visited. You're literally in the middle of nature, vibrant and pure. The place is quiet and serene (at least off season), with a little river running on one side. The staff is attentive and accomodating to customer's needs.The only reproach I would do is that there are too many caged animals, just there for entertaining humans, and the food has no cruelty free alternatives. If you want to stand out, it's time to upgrade to these standards. This would in turn attract more Western visitors.A overall unforgettable experience.
Ed Jhann LuEd Jhann Lu
05:37 01 Nov 22
The food was ok. Filling and quite good for the price. The place is clean and animals are well taken care of. The birds are also great, 20.pesos to feed them and 30.pesos for pictures with the parrots and cuckatoo.. Overall a great experience. The air is clean, and the chocolate cafe and museum is a must visit
Joreen Joon AusaJoreen Joon Ausa
14:17 17 Oct 22
A fun family experience. Food is great and entertainment is all about education. A fun way to bond and learn together. Nature appreciation is at its finest! Don't ever forget to watch the Bird watching during the day tour.
Louise LaoLouise Lao
05:37 23 Aug 22
I always come here when I need a serotonin boost. The food is delicious and you should definitely buy some chocolate. I love coming here because you get to see so many animals! They also have scheduled bird shows throughout the day. Highly recommend the assisted buffet. Quite efficient, sanitary, and delicious!!
Eiiwaiieii N.Eiiwaiieii N.
06:22 08 Aug 22
Malagos Garden Resort never fails to impress me. All our transactions with them were smooth and hassle-free. They also have very affordable room and food rates. Food was superb and we really enjoyed pur stay there. Their manager was also very accommodating, always asked us re our experience.

We have been in agriculture for over five decades now.

Our company, (Malagos Chocolate) Malagos Agri-Ventures Corporation, is part of a family-owned group of businesses that have always worked with nature.

We construct water wells, raise goats to make our artisanal cheeses, produce and sell cut flowers and cut foliage, grow potted plants, and run a nature-themed resort including the first chocolate museum in the country, all within our hometown in Davao City on the island of Mindanao, Philippines.

This is our family’s love story with nature, which  is rooted in deep love and respect for the land. Our founders, Roberto & Charita, bought their first farm in 1963 in Tagakpan, Davao City located in the foothills of Mt Talomo. Here, our founder, Mama Charita  cultivated the land and planted a lot of fruit trees, coconut, coffee, & bananas; and operated a small piggery. Thereafter, they expanded their operations and invested in additional farmland.


In 1977 what started as a hobby in orchid growing by Mama Charita grew to become a main business concern, and in 1988, it was incorporated to become what it is now. It has become among the biggest producers of cutflowers in the country today. It has four main production operations: Cut flower production, Cut foliage production, Orchids & Pot plant production and Ornamental  & Landscape plants production

We built the Malagos Garden Resort, a 12-hectare nature-themed park that included  a bird sanctuary & a butterfly museum in 1996.

It now houses the first chocolate museum in the country, which opened in 2017.  Guests can now experience the Tree-To-Bar guided tour of the museum, farm, and its facilities inside the resort. 

Charita’s love affair with cacao began in 2003 when we leased a farm in Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City. The farm had existing cacao trees.

Her advocacy was to revive the cacao sector, which had crashed in the 80’s. She also wanted to make our very own premium Philippine chocolate instead of just exporting the cacao beans.

She’d always say, “We need to step up. Let’s put more value to our raw material.  This way we could employ and empower more people, especially the farmers.” And that started our incredible journey in making chocolate.

From 2003 – 2012, while we improved on the cacao growing & post harvest practices; built our factory; studied chocolate making, Charita had embarked on a campaign to make cacao a priority crop. She was one of those instrumental in seeking the support of ACDI/VOCA, an organization that gives technical assistance to support cacao & coconut sectors in 2010.

In August 2011, she was the key person in the establishment of CIDAMI (Cacao Industry Development Association of Mindanao) and ran it forward for two years. CIDAMI is a cacao value-chain organization composed of farmers and farmer cooperatives, nursery operators, traders, processors, input suppliers, and academe.   

Charita already received three (3) awards for her work in the cacao industry: 2017 Outstanding ASEAN Woman Entrepreneur; 2017 Leaders and Achievers of Davao (LEAD) Award; and 2017-2018 Gawad Saka Award Outstanding Agricultural Entrepreneur, Department of Agriculture.

Today, Philippine cacao, now a priority crop, is experiencing a resurgence. It is thriving with more farmers and new chocolate makers on board.  We are very happy to have  led  this revival.

There is now a concerted effort from both the private and local government to improve the livelihood and well-being of farmers as well as to help put Philippines on the chocolate map of the world.

Malagos Garden Resort, Malagos, Baguio District, Calinan - Baguio Rd, Dabaw, 8000 Lalawigan ng Davao del Sur

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