A Legacy of San Miguel Corporation: 7x Growth Explosion Fueled by Ramon Ang’s Vision

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Company History

Founded in 1890 as a single brewery in Manila, Philippines, A legacy of San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has evolved into one of Southeast Asia’s largest and most diversified conglomerates. Established by Enrique María Barretto de Ycaza y Esteban, San Miguel began its journey as a brewery, introducing the iconic San Miguel Beer to the Filipino market. Over the decades, the corporation expanded its reach and diversified its business portfolio, becoming a key player in various industries.

San Miguel Corporation, Founder

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Ramon S. Ang is the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of San Miguel Corporation. Mr. Ang is recognized for his strategic leadership, and under his guidance, the company has experienced significant growth expansion, innovative and inclusive systems.

I. Legacy of San Miguel Corporation, Growth, and Diversification

1.1 Beverage and Food

San Miguel Corporation’s success story is deeply intertwined with San Miguel Beer, a brand that has not only become a household name in the Philippines but has also gained international acclaim. Beyond brewing, SMC’s food and beverage division has expanded to include a wide array of products, ranging from poultry and meat products to processed meats and dairy.

1.2 Energy

Recognizing the growing importance of the energy sector, SMC made strategic investments in power generation and distribution. The corporation is involved in both conventional and renewable energy projects, contributing to the Philippines’ energy security and sustainability goals.

1.3 Infrastructure

In recent years, San Miguel Corporation has taken bold steps into infrastructure development. The company has been involved in major projects, including toll roads, airports, and other essential infrastructure components. These initiatives not only contribute to the country’s economic development but also showcase SMC’s commitment to nation-building.

1.4 Telecommunications

San Miguel Corporation ventured into the telecommunications industry, aiming to provide affordable and reliable communication services to the Filipino people. While its initial foray faced challenges, SMC has continued to explore opportunities in the dynamic telecommunications sector.

1.5 Expansion Beyond Borders

San Miguel Corporation has expanded its footprint beyond the Philippines, with investments and operations in various countries. This international presence reflects the corporation’s ambition to be a global player in the industries it operates in.

Corporate Social Responsibility

San Miguel Corporation places a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company actively engages in community development projects, environmental sustainability initiatives, and programs that contribute to social welfare. Through these efforts, SMC strives to make a positive impact on the communities it serves.


San Miguel Corporation’s journey from a brewery to a diversified conglomerate is a testament to its adaptability, vision, and commitment to excellence. Under the leadership of Ramon S. Ang, SMC continues to navigate the dynamic business landscape, contributing to the economic growth of the Philippines and beyond. As the corporation embraces new challenges and opportunities, its rich history and legacy of innovation pave the way for a future marked by sustainable growth and continued success.



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