AI Art Generators: Unleash Creativity with the ChatGPT ‘Make It More’ Trends

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AI art generators have entered a realm of absurdity, capable of conjuring images ranging from a cosmic skateboarding dog to a coffee cup adrift in the ocean. Setting aside the ethical debates around AI art, some creations may not hit the mark on the first attempt, requiring users to guide the AI with prompts for desired tweaks.

However, what if the objective isn’t to craft a polished piece of AI art but to create something utterly wild?

Enter the “make it more” trend. ChatGPT users are employing DALL-E to generate an image and then, after the initial creation, asking the bot to make it more of something. In a notable example, Justine Moore prompted DALL-E to create a bowl of ramen, then requested it to make it spicier. The result? A bowl of ramen transformed into a fiery spectacle, shooting flames into outer space – a truly spicy bowl of noodles.

This trend has spawned numerous examples online, from a massive water bottle experiment by Mashable editor Stan Schroeder to a bodybuilder progressively bulking up. If you’re eager to try the trend yourself, be mindful of a few constraints.

How to Engage in the AI art generators “Make It More” Trend with ChatGPT

Prompt Limitations

DALL-E, like other facets of GPT-4, has prompt limitations. Although OpenAI isn’t explicit about when you’re nearing the limit, caution is advised to avoid waiting hours for another attempt.

Finicky Requests

DALL-E might be finicky with this type of request. Some users have reported challenges in getting DALL-E to cooperate in making an artwork more of something. It might reject requests if it feels it has already met the specified criteria.

Experimentation Insights

While some scenarios, like making a dog faster, might encounter resistance, others, such as making a cup of coffee progressively hotter, can yield entertaining results. Start small with a basic prompt (“generate a cup of coffee”) and then instruct the AI to make incremental changes (“make the coffee hotter”).

Embrace the unpredictability of AI creativity and explore the boundaries of the “make it more” trend with your AI generator of choice. Just remember, creativity knows no bounds, and sometimes, the journey is as captivating as the destination.


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