Richest Popular Businessman in Davao Insights 2023 udenna group management Dennis uy shows a list of Filipino Businessmen in Davao region based on our regional business insights and company search information people talking about. If your company is active in national trade, Davao Corporate Information, Website & SEO hustler can bring you in the list of information with your company.


Here’s the list of Filipino Businessmen in Davao:


  1. Dennis Uy | CEO at Udenna Corporation

    Dennis Uy is a founder of Udenna Corporation with interests spanning petroleum gas, shipping, logistics, real estate, and many more..Apart from Udenna Group, his fortune also comes from stakes held in public companies Phoenix Petroleum Philippines and Chelsea Logistics. In May 2021, Dennis Uy acquired a controlling interest in the Malampaya gas field in the West Philippine Sea for at least $380 million. He is now selling his stakes to billionaire Enrique Razon Jr.

  2. Antonio Floirendo Sr. | Owner at TADECO

    The inspiring journey of Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Incorporated or TADECO, began in December 20, 1950 when its founder, Don AOF (Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr.), turned his vision into a reality in the vast, swampy land of Southeastern Mindanao.

  3. Roberto and Charita Puentespina | Owner at Malagos ChocolateTADECO

    Charita Palmares Puentespina wears many hats. But the one she is most proud of is that of being a farmer. The farming bug caught her young while growing up in Iloilo, adapting to her new home in Davao, and then building a business whilst raising a family. In between a budding career as an orchids, she still managed to espouse the cause of women and children when she became Zonta president in the early ‘90s.

    In the late 80s and through the 90s, her orchid laboratory took up the cause of saving the walingwaling, she trail blazed in growing temperate cut flowers in the Philippines. Her initial efforts in the early ‘90’s has catapulted Puentespina Orchids & Tropical Plants, Inc. to where it is today, one of the pillars in the cut flower and cut foliage industry in the Philippines with over 300,000 dozen various cut flowers and cut foliage harvested annually.


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