Quiboloy’s Sexual Abuse Cases Moved to Quezon City

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The Philippine Supreme Court has authorized the transfer of sexual and child abuse cases against Apollo Quiboloy from Davao City to Quezon City. This decision follows a request from the Department of Justice (DOJ) citing concerns over potential bias in the original venue. [Photo Source]

Quiboloy’s Sexual Abuse Cases Moved to Quezon City

Reasons for the Transfer

The DOJ expressed concerns that the high-profile nature of the case and Quiboloy’s influence in Davao City could impact the impartiality of the trial.

Next Steps

The Supreme Court’s order mandates the transfer of all case records from Davao City courts to the appropriate courts in Quezon City. Quezon City courts will now handle the proceedings for these cases. This applies to any future cases filed against Quiboloy and his co-accused in Mindanao that are related to the original charges.

Quiboloy’s Legal Situation

These charges are not the only legal issues Quiboloy faces. He is also involved in a separate human trafficking case in Pasig City. Additionally, the United States has issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of sexual trafficking, and he is listed on the FBI’s most wanted list. The Philippine Senate previously held Quiboloy in contempt for failing to comply with a summons.

The transfer of the cases to Quezon City marks a significant development in the legal proceedings against Quiboloy. The court’s decision avoids potential bias concerns and ensures the case progresses in a neutral location.

This transfer is a significant development in Quiboloy’s legal saga. It remains to be seen how the case will proceed in Quezon City.



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