Discover The Most Engaging Companies In Davao 2023 discovers the most engaging companies in Davao Davao region in our regional company insights and business information searches they talking about. If your company is active in national trade, Davao Corporate Information Website & SEO service can bring you in the list of corporation with your company.

List of Discover the Most Engaging Companies:

San Miguel Corporation

Sustainability has always been an integral part of San Miguel Corporation’s operations—long before it was ever a buzzword and a catalyzing force for positive change.. There is no better example in the Philippines of a circular economy practice—where almost zero waste is generated through the continuous recycling and reuse of materials—than San Miguel Brewery’s returnable glass bottle system, which has been in place for most of our 130-year history. Interestingly enough, western economies are now adopting this practice, moving away from a throw-away business model towards reusable and recyclable packaging.

Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.

Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. is the fastest-growing and leading independent oil company in the country. It was established in Davao City in 2002 as DOTSCO, and was listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange in 2007—the first independent Philippine oil company to do so after the industry was deregulated in 1998. It represents the petroleum group of Udenna Corporation, its parent company. Today.

Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc (TADECO)

Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Incorporated (TADECO) is engaged in the production and export of fresh Cavendish bananas to Japan, Korea, Middle East, Hong Kong, China, Russia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore. It is the flagship company of ANFLOCOR and leads the banana world in export yield per hectare with an average production of 5,000 boxes per hectare per year.

Ana’s Breeders Farms, Inc.

Ana’s Breeders Farms, Inc., or ABFI is One of the leading integrated poultry farm producers of high-quality Broiler Chicken Meat in the Philippines. Introducing Ana’s Breeders Farms, Incorporated. We are one of the leading integrated poultry farm producers of high-quality Broiler Chicken Meat in the Philippines.

Sagrex Corporation

Southern Agro Export Corporation (SAGREX) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and started business in Davao City in January 1980. It started out as a trading and export company, buying and selling rice and corn, coffee, copra and other agricultural products; exporting castor seeds, cottonseeds and cattle feeds such as Ipil—ipil leaves and cassava chips. It evolved into a diversified company, distributing GROW MORE NPK premium foliar fertilizers and LIQUID natural organic micronutrient chelates.

Mandaue Foam Industries, IncDavao CitiHardware, Inc.

Mandaue Foam is a homegrown corporation that started only a few decades ago. It was built by an entrepreneurially minded woman who saw a potential business, worked hard and created what would become one of the best national companies in the Philippines.

Suy Chicken Corporation

Suy Chicken Corporation is focused on serving people, growing to serve more people and to offer unlimited choices of chicken meals that we wish to achieve to get along with the changing world.

Maxicare Healthcare Corporation

Maxicare Healthcare Corporation, one of the pioneers in the health maintenance organization (HMO) industry, was established in 1987 by an esteemed group of doctors and businessmen with the vision to deliver a better healthcare system. More than three decades later, Maxicare has progressed into becoming the consistent No. 1 HMO* in the country, continuously providing comprehensive healthcare programs via its wide network of medical providers and strengthened customer support.

Sumifru Philippines

Sumifru is a multinational agricultural company which engages in the export of safe and high-quality fresh fruits which are grown in Mindanao. Our products include Cavendish Bananas, Pineapple and Papaya.

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