Business Ideas in Davao City: A Guide to Top Business Categories in Poblacion

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Welcome to Poblacion, unveiling the business ideas in Davao City,. As a vibrant district with a rich history and a dynamic present, Poblacion stands as a prime location for entrepreneurs, investors, and locals seeking job opportunities.

Business Ideas in Davao City: How To Start A Business in Poblacion?

Let’s explore the business categories, emerging trends, and practical tips for navigating the bustling business of Poblacion.

I. Top Business Categories

1. Creative/Tech Hub

Poblacion has become a breeding ground for creativity and innovation. Explore successful examples of creative agencies, tech startups, and co-working spaces that contribute to the district’s dynamic atmosphere.

2. Foodie Paradise

Indulge your taste buds in Poblacion’s diverse restaurant scene. From cozy cafes to lively bars, international cuisine to local specialties, Poblacion is a haven for food enthusiasts.

3. Retail Renaissance

Discover the thriving retail scene in Poblacion. Uncover unique boutiques, shops, and retail concepts that contribute to the district’s distinct charm.

4. Professional Services

Meet the established and rising players in professional services such as legal, accounting, SEO, marketing, and design. Poblacion is home to business growth that provide top-notch services to both locals and enterprises.

II. Spotlight on Emerging Trends

1. Sustainable Businesses

Poblacion embraces sustainability. Explore eco-friendly initiatives, organic brands, and zero-waste businesses that are making a positive impact on both the community and the environment.

2. Community Focus

Learn about businesses that prioritize community engagement. Discover companies that give back, foster local art, and actively support sustainability within Poblacion.

3. Tech Integration

Witness how Poblacion’s businesses are leveraging technology. Explore how AI, VR, and digital marketing are being integrated into innovative business models, paving the way for the future.

How To Start A Business in Poblacion?

1. Permits and Regulations

Navigate the bureaucratic landscape with ease. Get essential guidelines and resources for obtaining permits and complying with regulations to kickstart your business journey in Poblacion.

NEW Business Permit

Get a Mayor’s Permit for your new business through online with these easy steps:
  • Fill out online application form and attach required documents
  • Wait for a call from the Business Bureau for confirmation and verification
  • Pay your business tax at the City Treasurer’s Office or through Online Payment
  • Monitor progress of your application
  • Print Mayor’s Permit here or through the link sent in email

Proceed to Online BPLS – City Government of Davao‘s official website!

RENEWAL of Business Permit

Renew your business permit easily by following this procedure:
  • Register your email address to get access code.
  • Review your information and attach required documents.
  • Pay your business tax at the City Treasurer’s Office or through Online Payment.
  • Monitor progress of your application.
  • Print Mayor’s Permit here or through the link sent in email.

Proceed to Online BPLS – City Government of Davao‘s official website!

For more information, visit City Government of Davao’s official website.

2. Networking and Collaboration

Join the thriving local business community. Discover networking events, collaborative opportunities, and the supportive ecosystem that Poblacion offers to entrepreneurs.

3. Funding and Support

Unlock the potential for growth. Learn about available grants, incubators, and mentorship programs designed to support startups like DCCCII and others.


As we conclude our exploration of Poblacion, it’s evident that this district holds immense potential for businesses. Its vibrant energy, growth opportunities, and unique character make Poblacion a prime choice for entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking to visit, support local businesses, or start your venture, Poblacion welcomes you with open arms.

Explore, experience, and embrace the pulse of Davao City’s Poblacion!




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