Is Horse Meat Halal? A Look at the Latest Discussion and Resources (2024 Update)

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Is Horse Meat Halal? A Look at the Latest Discussion and Resources (2024 Update)

The question of whether “is horse meat Halal?” remains a nuanced one within Islamic dietary laws. While the majority of scholars consider it permissible, differing opinions and cultural factors add complexity to the issue.

Is Horse Meat Halal to the Muslims?

Let’s review the latest discussion of horse meat (if is halal?) and explore relevant resources.



Most Islamic scholars, based on various hadiths and rulings, maintain that horse meat is halal. Horses are herbivores, lack claws or fangs, and fulfill the general criteria for permissible animals.


Some scholars, relying on weaker hadiths, consider horse meat makruh (disliked) due to their historical importance as companions and means of transportation.

Factors influencing consumption

Cultural Context

Horse meat consumption is uncommon in many Muslim-majority countries due to cultural factors and historical associations.

Availability and Cost

In regions like Central Asia, where horses are readily available, their meat is sometimes consumed. However, the high cost often restricts consumption.

Ethical Concerns

Animal welfare concerns surrounding slaughter practices and the potential exploitation of horses for meat add another layer of consideration for many Muslims.

Latest Developments

Growing Awareness

Online discussions and resources are raising awareness about horse meat consumption within Muslim communities.

Focus on Ethical Sourcing

Ethical sourcing concerns are prompting some Muslims to seek alternatives if horse meat is consumed.



Determining whether horse meat consumption is halal requires considering both scholarly rulings and individual circumstances. While the majority view deems it permissible, cultural context, ethical concerns, and personal preferences ultimately guide individual choices. Exploring relevant resources and engaging in informed discussions can help Muslims make well-considered decisions regarding this nuanced issue.

This review is based on the latest information available as of January 5, 2024. It’s always advisable to consult with a trusted Islamic scholar for guidance specific to your situation and regional context. Check out the PUCOI –!




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