Philippine-Japan Active Carbon Corporation

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Philippine-Japan Active Carbon Corporation (PJAC) is a dedicated manufacturing plant for granular coconut shell activated carbon with decades of experience supplying customers with high quality activated carbon.

Uniting Japanese technology with Philippines’ abundant resources. PJAC was established in the year 1972 on Mindanao Island to utilize its renewable supply of high quality coconut in its production.

One of the largest single plants in the world with unrivalled consistency in quality.

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PJAC is a member of the Kowa Group in Japan, and its products are sold through the Kowa Group's global network.

About KOWA Group

Establishment : 1894

Employees      : 6,316 (As of March 2021)

Headquarters  : Nagoya Japan

Location : Davao City, Mindanao island, the Philippines

Establishment : 1972

Certification : ISO 9001, NSF61, NSF42

Capitalization : 100% owned by KOWA Company, Ltd.

Malagamot Rd, Bunawan, Davao City, Davao del Sur

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