IDCP: Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines Inc

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IDCP: Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines Inc


IDCP – A federation of 98 Muslim Organizations throughout the Philippines. An accredited Islamic non-government organization (NGO) by the Department of Social Welfare and Development 


To work together for the upliftment of the economic, educational and social status of the Filipino Muslims and the poor and needy segments of the Philippine society thru welfare programmes in cooperation with the welfare and development agencies in order to attain total human development


To create better understanding thru mutual respect, help and cooperation among our peoples taking into consideration the values and guidance laid down by the Almighty God. 



Direct Line

  • +63 2 82458456
  • +63 2 82429394

How To Apply Halal Certification (Consumers)?

1. Letter of Intent (sent to us by regular mail, fax or e-mail). see contact us for more details.
2. Application Form (would be sent through email) and Requirements Submission
3. Application Assessment/Review
4. Stage 1 Audit
5. Stage 2 Audit
6. Certification Agreement
7. Issuance of Halal Certification

Available Schemes/Management Systems:

  1. IDCP-Halal Assurance Management System
  2. Malaysian Scheme
  3. UAE Scheme