DAVAO CITY: Road To Halal Mission for 2024


HALAL ROAD, a principles promote inclusivity and respect for the diverse beauty of cultures, creates data for Muslims and non-Muslims to connect and share experiences in the region.

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Craving halal wonders? Road to Halal Road! We're developing mindful adventures - hidden beauty of nature, rich heritage, and food. Your support spark fuels this travel.
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Halal is no longer just a religion.

it’s blossoming into a global lifestyle movement embraced by people of all faiths. Driven by ethical considerations like fair trade, hygiene, and responsible sourcing, Halal principles are resonating with a growing number of conscious consumers in the Philippines. This inclusive movement transcends tribal, cultural, and religious boundaries, offering a path toward mindful consumption, ethical practices, and a sense of community.


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Road to Halal Road

Halal Moto

Halal Road focuses on discovering regional delicacies, Heritage Tours exploring Muslim historical culture and Nature Escapes delving into peaceful places.

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Road to halal.

Halal Road is your one-stop portal for living a fulfilling, connected, and informed Muslim life in the Philippines.

Find your spiritual haven

Locate Masjids in Davao City, explore their unique features, and access prayer timings.

Nurture your knowledge

Discover Madrasahs offering diverse Islamic education for all ages and seek scholarly guidance.

Empower your choices

Connect with trusted halal-certified businesses, from restaurants and shops to travel agencies and financial services.

Seek Ulama counsel

Find qualified Islamic consultants who can provide expert advice on marriage, conversion, and other personal matters.

Stay informed

Access real-time updates on halal product certifications, ensuring your choices align with halal codes.

Development Progress

Watch Halal Road blossom! Witness data unfold alongside human stories, revealing our impact on Filipino Muslims. Track growth, celebrate milestones, and glimpse a brighter future – one halal journey at a time


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