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Responsive Banner Ad Pricing & Guidelines

Following these guidelines will ensure:

  • Target audience reach: Ads attract and engage visitors relevant to our content categories.
  • Brand consistency: Ads align with Davao Corporate’s professional image and branding.
  • Legal compliance: Ads adhere to all Philippine online regulations and Google Ads policies.
  • Campaign success: Ads effectively drive clicks, impressions, and conversions to the website.

Please note: This is not a promotion or endorsement of gambling activities or abusive. We always ensure our advertising campaigns comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Landing Page

720 x 300

Desktop Size (inclusive Mobile Size)
Format: .jpg, .jpeg, .png
File Size: Minimum 90kb

300 x 300

Mobile Size (inclusive Desktop Size)
Format: .jpg, .jpeg, .png
File Size: Minimum 90kb


480 x 640

Widget Size (Separated)
Format: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif
File Size: Minimum 100kb

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Simple But Significant

Craft banner ads that deliver your message with elegance and effectiveness of Davao Corporate website..

Banner Ad Cost

Creating Effective and Compliant Banner Ads for you on the the Davao Corporate website.


6 Months (Landing page)


1 Year (Landing page)


2 Years (Landing page)


4 Years (Landing page)

Payment Methods

Bank transfer or Cheque with RCBC account and Union Bank.

Also, we accept on Cash, Cebuana Lhuillier and Palawan Padala, PayPal


Davao Corporate connects you with like-minded link-building wizards, forming a digital alliance that dominates the search engine battlefield. We’ll be your hype squad, amplifying your brand and crushing the competition with strategic partnerships.