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What Topics to Write an Article?

We’re looking for engaging and informative articles that align with our core values of innovation, sustainability, and growth.

Here are some specific topics that interest us:

1. Industry and Market Analysis

  • Sector-specific reports and trends
    We delve into key industries within Davao, such as agribusiness, tourism, infrastructure, manufacturing, and IT. We’ll find analyses of current market conditions, growth projections, investment opportunities, and challenges faced by each sector.

  • Competitive landscape
    We provide insights into the major players within each industry, their market share, strategies, and recent developments. This helps businesses to assess competition and identify potential opportunities for collaboration or differentiation.

  • Economic indicators and forecasts
    We keep its finger on the market pulse of the local economy by tracking key economic indicators like GDP growth, unemployment rates, consumer spending, and foreign direct investments. Our articles offer analyses of these trends and provide forecasts for the future direction of the Davao economy and the Philippines.

2. Business Practices and Management

  • Human resources and talent management
    We offer practical advice and insights on topics like recruitment, employee engagement, performance management, and training and development. This is valuable information for businesses looking to attract and retain top talent in Davao.

  • Marketing and sales strategies
    We share best practices and case studies for effective marketing and sales strategies in the Davao region. Our articles cover topics like digital marketing, branding, customer relationship management, and sales funnel optimization.

  • Financial management and risk mitigation
    We provide insights on managing finances within the Davao business context, including cost-cutting strategies, financial forecasting, and risk assessment. This information can help businesses improve their financial performance and make informed decisions.

3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Start-up ecosystem and support
    Davao Corporate is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship in Davao. We share information about local incubators, accelerators, funding opportunities, and success stories of Davao-based start-ups.

  • Technological advancements and disruptions
    We keep businesses informed about the latest technological trends and how they are impacting the Davao business landscape. This includes insights on artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of things, and other emerging technologies.

  • Creative and innovative business models
    Davao Corporate showcases innovative and successful business models from Davao and beyond. This can inspire businesses to think outside the box and come up with their unique strategies for success.

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