Your only source of joy this year is the Davao Festival. Give yourself a treat by attending these events, which will ensure that your stay is unforgettable.

One of the most well-known tourist attractions in Davao City in the Philippines – King City of the South. The festivities held here are even more frolicsome and enjoyable than the city itself, which is sparkling and vibrant. People swarm to participate in the spectacular rituals and ceremonies of these fiestas from all over the world. The best of Philippine culture is on display here, along with some of the most mouthwatering treats. You will become so engrossed in the dance and musical lighting during these Davao City festivals that you will forget all your troubles.

1. Kadayawan Festival

This festival is a long weekend thanksgiving celebration for nature’s bountiful harvest. Celebrated every year on third week of August. The activity coincides with the harvest time of Davaoeños exotic fruits and the blooming of the waling-waling (vanda sanderana). The festival comes ahead with its most awaited grand floral parade (indak-indak sa kadalanan) and the dancing in the “King City of the South” streets.

2. Araw Ng Dabaw

Long-weekend celebration of Davao city that come ahead every March 16 with civic participation and a parade, sports competitions, and fireworks. One of the spotlights of the celebration is the “Mutya ng Dabaw” beauty contest on every March 15.

3. Pasko Fiesta Sa Davao

This is a showcasing colorful light of Christmas festivities, decorations in barangays, and establishments, and a series of creativity performances showcasing the community’s, and talents of an individual while keeping lights on Christmas traditions. Davao city produces with exciting ambiances, shelling with sales promotions, food trips, and night markets with entertainment day and night.

4. Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

After the Chinese New Year for the Chinese people in Davao.

It is ordinarily during the full moon. In Chinese culture, the dull moon symbolizes wholeness and togetherness. In September-October of the Philippines.

The Moon Festival celebrations show happiness and excitement for the Chinese people. Main celebrations involve an appreciation of the moon, making moon cakes together, and making Chinese lanterns.

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