Typhoon Preparedness: Stay Safe and Be Prepared | Essential Tips

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Typhoon Preparedness is important tips on how to stay safe during a typhoon like Typhoon Mawar. Learn what to do before, during, and after a typhoon to protect yourself and your loved ones. Be informed and prepared for these powerful storms.

Typhoons are powerful storms that can cause widespread damage. If you live in an area that is prone to typhoons, it is important to be prepared. This blog post will provide you with tips on how to prepare and stay safe during a typhoon.

Before the Typhoon

  • Listen to the weather forecast and follow the instructions of local officials.
  • Secure your home and property by boarding up windows, securing loose objects, and bringing outdoor furniture and equipment indoors.
  • Fill your bathtub and other containers with water in case the water supply is disrupted.
  • Stock up on food, water, and other supplies that you may need for several days.
  • Have a plan for where you will go if you need to evacuate.

During the Typhoon

  • Stay indoors and away from windows and doors.
  • Listen to the radio or TV for updates on the storm.
  • Do not drive unless absolutely necessary.
  • If you must go outside, be careful of downed power lines and other hazards.

After the Typhoon

  • Stay indoors until it is safe to go outside.
  • Check on your neighbors and help those who need assistance.
  • Report any damage to your property to your insurance company.

Additional Tips

  • If you live in a mobile home, move it to a safe location or secure it with sandbags.
  • If you live in a coastal area, be prepared for flooding and storm surge.
  • If you have a boat, secure it in a safe harbor or bring it ashore.
  • If you have pets, make sure they are safe and have plenty of food and water.
  • If you have to evacuate, take your emergency kit with you and leave early.

By following these tips, you can help to ensure your safety and the safety of your family during a typhoon.


Typhoons can be a dangerous and destructive force, but by being prepared you can help to reduce the risk of injury or loss of life. By following the tips in this blog post, you can help to ensure that you and your family are safe during a typhoon.

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