Quezon City Aims for BPO Industry Growth through Collaborative Efforts

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The Quezon City Aims for BPO Industry Growth through Collaborative Efforts to ensure the continued prosperity and expansion of the city’s business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

Mayor Maria Josefina “Joy” Belmonte expressed this commitment during the unveiling of Afni’s larger location in SM Tower 4 (SMT4), a prominent American-based BPO company.

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Belmonte emphasized the ongoing economic growth in the city, which she attributed to the strong collaboration between the local government and businesses. She underscored the vital role of BPOs in the city’s strategy for social development, primarily in creating job opportunities for Quezon City residents.

The mayor affirmed her administration’s dedication to fostering the growth and development of the BPO sector, recognizing its significance in providing employment to thousands of city residents. Additionally, she highlighted the support extended to various community members, such as senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and recent graduates, through training and seminars.

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Afni, with over 8,000 employees in the Philippines, a majority of whom are based in Quezon City, is poised to expand its workforce while keeping employment accessible to local communities. Afni’s Vice President for Operations and Philippine Country Manager, Khalid Khursheed, expressed gratitude to Mayor Joy Belmonte for her steadfast support, which has allowed Afni to invest more in their Quezon City operations.

Afni’s SMT4 site is the second of its kind in the city, with the company’s Philippine headquarters situated on Commonwealth Avenue. Commencing operations in Fairview in 2020, Afni opened its SMT4 office two years later, coinciding with the company’s 10th anniversary in the country. Covering more than 100,000 square feet across five floors, the SMT4 site accommodates over 4,000 employees.

This office is designed with employee well-being in mind, featuring dedicated game rooms, arcade areas, and an open-air common area, all conveniently connected to the mall’s amenities.

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Afni’s strategic focus on solidifying and expanding its presence in the Philippines is part of its growth strategy, aiming to support clients and employees. Recognizing the commendable work ethic of Filipinos, Afni views the Philippines as its stronghold for sustainable growth within the global BPO landscape.


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