Southern Philippines Medical Center

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Southern Philippines Medical Center

Ana Ma RieAna Ma Rie
02:07 22 Oct 22
the ER facility too difficult, the patients aside from there illness they suffered too much, no vacant rooms, bed. stay in outside
Arthur jr. EstebanArthur jr. Esteban
02:42 11 Jul 22
A hospital that covers most all part of mindanao medical needs . Has full equipment availability for most medical needs such equipments and different specialist. Down side is that you will have to be patient for every process like waiting for a line to get in, they will assess if ur patient can still hold to give way for those who are really in critical condition. You will have to manually go to every dept to make follow up for ur laboratory test. Cannot havr ur own room and hospital bed due to overpopulation. Thanks to MALASAKIT, LINGAP AND OTHER Govt SOCIAL BENEFITS that keeps helping less fortunate people.Have a good day!
Eric Avellanosa Jr.Eric Avellanosa Jr.
07:54 09 Jul 22
Very slow processing and very faulty staffing.Supposedly my partner and our baby should be released from hospital after 3 days but thanks to the incompetence of the staff members there, I have wasted a lot of time just waiting for something to happen. I understand that this is a public hospital but they do not really care for their patients and prioritize those who have money apparently. I bet they do not know about the bad effects of staying in the hospital for too long for both the baby and the mother.Shame on these people.
Rosemarie SarmientoRosemarie Sarmiento
00:03 05 May 22
My mom was confined for 3weeks in their surgery section. Thank you Dr. Lee and Dr. Berry for being generous with your time. You serve with a compassionate heart. Nurses are efficient, too and friendly :)Clean hospital with 3 shifts of cleaners.Water though is sometimes a challenge here.
Mike The IT GuyMike The IT Guy
14:18 31 Dec 17
Can not say enough positive things about this hospital. Although the methods and conditions seem archaic, they are to be effective. At least in our nephews case, who was diagnosed with an acute form of leukemia a few years ago and has been cancer free for over a year now. Thanks to the treatments, care and concern this hospital provides. Give the doctors, nurses and God the glory! There is a new cancer wing/facility with more parking available. Parking is always an issue here however. Keep up the great work SPMC! God Bless you all.

The Southern Philippines Medical Center is a government hospital under the Department of Health of the Republic of the Philippines. It is located at the JP Laurel Ave, Bajada, Davao City. It began as the Davao Medical Center. Its name was changed on November 19, 2009 by Republic Act 9792.

Southern Philippines Medical Center

The health facility was established in 1917 as the Davao Public Hospital. It was initially a 25-bed capacity hospital along San Pedro Street. In 1946, The hospital was renamed as the Davao General Hospital and its capacity was increased to about 200 beds. In 1957, the hospital transferred to its current location at JP Laurel Ave. in Bajada. It was renamed Davao Regional Medical and Training Center by virtue of the Republic Act 1859.[2]

In 1966, the hospital was transferred to the 12.8 hectares (32 acres) site. Because of its importance in health care delivery, the Department of Health issued Administrative Order 157 designating it as the medical center for Mindanao and Sulu. During the martial law years and the Moro and the communist rebellion in the Philippines, the hospital was the major trauma center.[clarification needed]

In 1986, the Davao Mental Hospital, which had been an extension of the National Center for Mental Health was transferred to the hospital. At that time, the hospital was renamed the Davao Medical Center and the bed capacity was increased to 600. The name Davao Regional Hospital and Training Center was then transferred to the then Davao del Norte Provincial Hospital. In 2009, the bed capacity was further increased from 600 to 1,200.[3]

It officially became the largest hospital in the Philippines after it was authorized to expand its capacity to 1,500 beds when the Republic Act No 11326 was approved on April 17, 2019, surpassing that of the Philippine General Hospital‘s 1,334 beds. The actual capacity of the hospital as of April 2019 is 4000 beds.[4][3]

During 2020 coronavirus pandemic in the Philippines, Southern Philippines Medical Center became the main receiving center for confirmed COVID-19 patients in Mindanao.[5] The hospital can now also perform confirmatory tests for the patients with the coronavirus independently.[6]

Facilities and management[edit]

The Southern Philippines Medical Center has several hospital buildings. This include:[7]

  • Main Building – Three floors
  • Medical Arts Building – Seven floors
  • Central ICU Building – Five floors
  • Children Institute – Five floors
  • Kidney Transplant Institute – Five floors
  • Trauma Complex – Four floors
  • Institute for Women’s Health and Newborn – Four floors
  • Orthopedic and Rehab Institute – Four floors
  • OPD Building – Four floors
  • Mindanao Heart Center – Three floors
  • Cancer Institute – Three floors (main), two floors (extension)
  • Isolation Facility Building – Two floors
  • Institute for Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine – Two floors

Although the hospital is located in Davao City and is the only public hospital in the city, it is not the jurisdiction of the city government. The hospital is classified as a regional hospital.[7] It is authorized by law to have a maximum bed capacity of 1,500,[4] although the actual capacity as of April 2019 is 1,453 beds.[3]

Contact Info

Southern Philippines Medical Center, J.P. Laurel Ave, Bajada, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur