San Pedro Metropolitan Cathedral

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San Pedro Metropolitan Cathedral

Andrew Carl PadillaAndrew Carl Padilla
14:38 12 Sep 22
One of the biggest and with unique structure Cathedral I've been. It is a round building which you can see 360° view from the altar.It has a big fan on top so its a bit windy plus the church is open both sides so its not really hot even there's a lot of people.Church staff also organizes seats during the mass, they will assist you if there's still vacant seats so you can sit.Restroom: FREE (you can give donation voluntarily)All in all the place is very nice, if you love visiting churches San Pedro Cathedral is A MUST TO VISIT. So add it to your list!Outside the church there is food stall, small stalls for saints figurines, bracelet and many more holy accessories.There's park in front of church and fastfoods and many more!
Hardware GirlHardware Girl
05:52 12 Jul 22
The Area Is Secured. Police and And Guard Are all in position you dont have to worry about anything and the place is clean.
Vince SalazarVince Salazar
02:04 09 Feb 20
This is a Cathedral located in Davao City. It has an interesting architecture on the outside. Made largely of concrete it gives a modern look when being viewed on the exterior. The concrete gives that cold vibe to the design, but as soon as you go inside you will see the warm lights surrounding the interior and the wooden seats that face the central altar. Interesting to note also, the cathedral is facing the city government buildings. When you want to go around San Pedro street to look for interesting contemporary architecture, don't forget to stop by San Pedro Cathedral.
Feng SantiagoFeng Santiago
08:10 31 Oct 19
Very solemn church. After mass, the priest called and blessed the birthday celebrants for the day, and the church goers sang a birthday song for them. For security, there were officers at the gate inspecting the bags of the visitors.

San Pedro Metropolitan Cathedral

The Saint Peter Metropolitan Cathedral, also referred to as the San Pedro Cathedral or Davao Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral located at Barangay 2-A, Poblacion District, Davao City, Philippines. The cathedral, dedicated to Saint Peter, is the ecclesiastical seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Davao. Wikipedia

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