Roxas Night Market

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Roxas Night Market

Roxas Night Market is a vibrant night market in the heart of Davao City, Philippines, offering a delightful blend of local food, bargain shopping, and lively atmosphere.

4 Unforgettable Eats & Thrills at Roxas Night Market

Food Paradise

  1. Grilled delights: Savor the aroma of sizzling BBQ skewers, marinated seafood, and juicy meats, a highlight of the market.
  2. Local specialties: Dive into Davao’s culinary scene with must-try dishes like “kinilaw” (fresh seafood marinated in vinegar), “tinumok” (sour stew), and “pancit habhab” (stir-fried noodles).
  3. Sweet treats: Don’t miss the unique ice cream flavors like avocado or durian, and other refreshing options like halo-halo.

Bargain Hunter’s Haven

  1. Ukay-ukay: Discover the thrill of treasure hunting at stalls brimming with second-hand clothes, accessories, and household items. Haggling is part of the fun!
  2. Souvenirs: Pick up handcrafted trinkets, locally-made textiles, and other keepsakes to remember your Davao experience.

Beyond the Goods

  1. Massages: Soothe your muscles after exploring with a relaxing traditional massage under the night sky.
  2. Live entertainment: Immerse yourself in the local culture with musicians or street performers adding to the vibrant atmosphere.
  3. Social hub: Chat with friendly locals, fellow travelers, and enjoy the sense of community that thrives in the market.

Tips for Visiting

  1. Best time: Arrive around 6pm to beat the crowds and enjoy the sunset ambience. Weekdays tend to be less busy than weekends.
  2. Cash is king: While some vendors might accept mobile payments, cash is still the preferred mode of transaction.
  3. Bring your haggling skills: Embrace the friendly banter and negotiate prices at the ukay-ukay stalls.
  4. Dress comfortably: Opt for casual attire and sandals or shoes you can navigate through the bustling crowd.

Roxas Night Market is a must-visit experience in Davao City, offering a vibrant slice of local life, delicious food, and unique finds at budget-friendly prices. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of the market, and discover the heart of Davao at night!