150 Kasalan sa Pasko 2023

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Kasalan sa Pasko 2023, in the spirit of festive unity “Kasalan ng bayan“, love is set to take center stage as approximately 150 couples eagerly anticipate their matrimonial vows during the much-anticipated. Cecilia Celis, the esteemed Marriage Division Head of the Local Civil Registrar, revealed in a recent radio interview on November 28 that the joyous event will unfold at the Almendras Gym Davao City Recreation Center. The pre-registration phase, which concluded after running from June to September 2023, drew couples from the city’s remote barangays, creating a diverse tapestry of love.

A noteworthy facet of this matrimonial celebration is the inclusion of couples from various tribal communities, adding a rich cultural dimension. Partners hailing from the Ata, Matigsalug, Bagobo-Klata, Bagobo-Tagabawa, and Obu Manuvu tribes will partake in this heartwarming occasion, emphasizing inclusivity and unity.

The essential prerequisite for participating couples is the submission of their birth certificates or alternative proof of birthplace and date. Flexibility is displayed in accepting school certificates, national IDs, and member data records (MDRs) as valid evidence, ensuring accessibility for all.

Celis underscored the commitment to equality, emphasizing that the law set by the president prohibits tribal marriages involving minors. This uniform regulation ensures that both Lumad and Bisaya communities adhere to the same standards, as tribal individuals are now precluded from marrying those below 18 years old.

To incentivize early registration, the Local Civil Registrar’s office extends a generous offer of free registration and a complimentary Certificate of No Marriage Record (Cenomar), a document typically priced at P210 per person. This exclusive opportunity is tailored for couples who have shared a cohabiting journey for over five years, creating an additional incentive for long-term commitments.

Leslie Lagare, the Head of the Mobile Registration Section, clarified that couples opting for independent marriage arrangements must present the same set of requirements. However, they are responsible for covering the cost of the Cenomar themselves, striking a balance between convenience and individual responsibility in celebrating love. As the countdown to Kasalan sa Pasko begins, the city resonates with the anticipation of harmonious unions, symbolizing the diverse and vibrant tapestry of love that binds communities together.



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