Department of Tourism | DOT Commends PATAS Initiative – Revitalizing Tourism in Laguna

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Department of Tourism: DOT Commends PATAS Initiative, Revitalizing Tourism in Laguna
Department of Tourism: DOT lauds PATA’s initiative to rebuild tourism communities in Laguna, Pagsanjan Falls

The Department of Tourism (DOT) commends the commendable PATAS initiative, which aims to revitalize tourism communities in Laguna, particularly the renowned Pagsanjan Falls.

The DOT recognizes the significance of this endeavor in revitalizing the tourism sector and supporting local communities. By focusing on sustainable tourism practices, PATAS promotes the preservation of natural attractions while fostering community development. The DOT applauds the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved in this initiative, emphasizing the importance of public-private partnerships in rebuilding and promoting tourism in the region. This endeavor is a testament to the resilience and dedication of the Filipino people to revive and flourish the tourism industry amidst challenges, ultimately benefiting the local economy and enhancing the overall tourism experience in Laguna.

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