Suy Foods, a leading producer of high-quality chicken and meat products in the Philippines, has recently launched a new dressing plant and agro-complex in Davao City. This 15-hectare facility is equipped with modern technology and resources to provide local farmers access to training, veterinary services, a hatchery, and a feed mill. This blog post explores the launch of the plant and the impact it’s having on the local community (“Suy Foods launches new agro-complex in Davao City“).

The Dressing Plant

Suy Foods’ new dressing plant in Davao City can process up to 10,000 chickens per hour, providing farmers with an efficient and sustainable solution to meat processing. The plant includes modern wastewater treatment systems, ensuring that the facility is environmentally sustainable. Additionally, it has created over 400 jobs for local residents. To learn more about the company innovative new dressing plant in Davao City. Check out this recent article from Ana’s Breeders Farms, Inc., Japanese investors eye Davao’s dressed chickens.

The Agro-Complex

The agro-complex provides farmers with valuable resources and training to help them increase productivity and income. This includes a hatchery, a feed mill, and a veterinary clinic. The facility also includes training facilities and demonstration farms to educate local farmers on sustainable agriculture practices.

The Impact

Suy Foods’ new facility has had a significant impact on the local community. The plant has created employment opportunities and improved livelihoods for local residents. The agro-complex has provided farmers with access to valuable resources to help them increase productivity and income. Moreover, the facility supports sustainable agriculture practices, improving the quality of life for residents while preserving the environment.

Sum Up

Suy Foods‘ new dressing plant and agro-complex in Davao City is a significant investment in the future of sustainable agriculture in the Philippines. The facility provides valuable resources and training for local farmers, improves livelihoods, and supports environmental sustainability.


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