Pay Maya Admits It Trails GCash in Popularity, But Focuses on Backend Core in 2025

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Pay Maya – Manny Pangilinan, PLDT chairman, recently acknowledged that Maya, their digital bank, is lagging behind GCash in terms of public recognition.

This admission came after a relatable anecdote where Pangilinan himself found himself without cash and needing to pay ice cream vendors. He jokingly remarked, “Sabi ko, ‘patay!’ (I said to myself, oh no!)” upon realizing only GCash was readily accepted.

Pay Maya’s Backend Strength

However, while GCash dominates in brand recognition, Maya emphasizes its strength in the digital finance infrastructure. Their technology powers many QR code payment terminals in stores, allowing for cashless transactions even with debit or credit cards.

Furthermore, Maya Business offers solutions for businesses to manage finances digitally, including payroll and fund distribution.

Focus on Profitability Before IPO

Unlike GCash, Maya is already a licensed digital bank, offering a wider range of financial services like loans and deposits. As of 2023, Maya boasted 3.4 million depositors and disbursed P34 billion in loans.

Despite its progress, Maya prioritizes establishing profitability before an IPO (initial public offering). Pangilinan expects their EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) to turn positive by the end of 2024, but an IPO is unlikely in the near future.

He emphasizes the need for consistent profitability throughout 2025 before considering an IPO. “We have a lot of work ahead of us. To dream of an IPO in the next two years is simply an illusion,” stated Pangilinan.

Looking Ahead

While Maya acknowledges the need to catch up in brand recognition, their focus remains on building a strong financial core. They prioritize profitability before an IPO, aiming for consistent earnings by 2025[].


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