Louie Dave BorresLouie Dave Borres
00:50 27 Sep 18
staff is very positive when it comes to my concern about changing the damage bills that i have . looking forward for tom. to change it . mabuhay ..
Archie AnoverArchie Anover
08:31 06 Aug 18
I love this place becouse im true sun of your lord all.
Archie AnoverArchie Anover
23:36 06 Jul 18
I hate the place all because I'm the sun of god.
Archie AñoverArchie Añover
04:17 17 Dec 17
Because Archie canque añover is original heart.

Central Bank of the Philippines is the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). It was established on 3 July 1993 pursuant to the provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution and the New Central Bank Act of 1993.

Central Bank of the Philippines

Central Bank of the Philippines, which was established on 3 January 1949, as the country’s central monetary authority. The BSP enjoys fiscal and administrative autonomy from the National Government in the pursuit of its mandated responsibilities.


The BSP aims to be recognized globally as the monetary authority and primary financial system supervisor that supports a strong economy and promotes a high quality of life for all Filipinos.


To promote and maintain price stability, a strong financial system, and a safe and efficient payments and settlements system conducive to a sustainable and inclusive growth of the economy.

Mandate, Functions & Responsibilities

Monetary policy

Monetary Operations

Systemic Risk Management

Financial Supervision

Payments and Settlements System Oversight

Currency Management

Inclusive Finance

Loans and Credit Operations

International Reserves Management

International Operations

International Economic Cooperation

Economic Education

Investor Relations Group (IRG)

Davao Central Bank Contact Details

  • Tel +63 82 227 9051
  • Tel +63 82 227 9057
  • Tel +63 82 227 9052
  • Tel +63 82 227 9053
  • Tel +63 82 227 9054
  • Tel +63 82 227 9055
  • Tel +63 82 227 9056
  • Tel +63 82 226 4130
  • Tel +63 82 227 1903
Valencia Corporate Center, Corners E. Quirino Avenue and Tiongko Street, Davao City

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