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The high benefits and monthly salary in the company can be happily satisfying. In addition to years of schooling and work experience, many of the highest-paying jobs demand a track record of achievement in a selected field or specialty.

11 Jobs Demands for High Monthly Salary this January 2023

People frequently concentrate their job search efforts on positions with the highest salaries. More money does not always equal the greatest job offer unless the wage differential is substantial. Jobseekers can also receive some salary without benefits.


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The total package—salary, medical, dental, and insurance benefits—as well as, in particular, the retirement plans that an employee would be eligible for—must be taken into account when deciding between a job with benefits and one with high pay.

1. Accounting Associate

Monthly: P16,000 – P20,000

IndustryService Provider / Bank Commercial



2. Google Ads Specialist

Monthly: P20,000 – P25,000

IndustryService Provider / Technology / Commercial



3. SEO Specialist

Monthly: P30,000 – P50,000

IndustryManufacturing Technology Commercial



4. Loans Officer

Monthly: P25,000 – P30,000

IndustryCommercial / Manufacturing / Service Provider



5. Chat Support

Monthly: P14,000 – P17,000

IndustryBPO / Retail Trade / Commercial




6. Customer Service

Monthly: P15,000 – P17,000

IndustryBPO / Retail Trade / Manufacturing 



7. Hotel Representative

Monthly: P23,000 – P29,000

IndustryTravel & Tour / Retail Trade / Commercial



8. Administrative Assistant

Monthly: P22,000 – P30,000

IndustryGovernment / Construction / Agriculture



9. Sales Associate

Monthly: P13,000 – P15,000






IndustryCommercial Residential / Industrial



10. Office Admin

Monthly: P17,000 – P23,000

IndustryCommercial Residential Industrial



11. Data Encoder/Entry

Monthly: P18,000 – P22,000

IndustryManufacturing Logistics | BPO

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