12 Top SEO Specialist in the Davao Region (Philippines)

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Fuel your digital ascent by choosing the ‘Top SEO Specialists In Davao City’ over SEO agencies. Discover the personalized touch and expertise that individual specialists bring to the table. Dive into success stories, innovative strategies, and a commitment tailored to your brand. Best ways to increase your online presence with specialists who prioritize your success.

Meet the 12 Notable SEO Specialists In Davao City for 2024 Philippines

Opt for the personalized excellence of SEO Specialists over agencies – where results meet a unique, client-focused approach.

1. Jii Saaduddin (SEOBlade.net)

Jii is a popular SEO expert based in Davao City, an SEO specialist who unlocks business growth through his data-driven tactical strategies and cultural research understanding. Certified in Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google My Business, he delves beyond traffic and clicks, uncovering the human stories behind search behavior. Empathy-driven website optimization and content tailored to Filipino online habits empower businesses to conquer the digital sea, achieving sustainable growth. Jii is also known as “Muslim SEO“. He is the founder of the SEO Blade Community. He’s further partnered with one of the popular trending news feeds called DavaoiPhone.com. Let him transform your online presence into a powerful growth engine! Explore more about Jii’s story!

2. Alvin Rey Granada

A Davao City-based freelancer, he values partnerships over business, prioritizes client care, avoids marketing tricks, steers clear of design conveyors, and refrains from using ready-made solutions for a personalized touch.

3. Tracy Dianne Tiongson

More than just two years of link building expertise under their belt, this SEO professional merges industry knowledge with a unique twist: a Bachelor’s in Psychology. This fuels a passion for understanding the “why” behind user behavior, shaping their approach to link-building partnerships and negotiations.

4. Lord Vincent Van Mendoza

In Davao City, a certified digital marketing strategist excelling in enhancing online presence through content, SEO, PPC, social media, and email campaigns.

5. Kristine Guia Castillo

With over two years of experience as an SEO Link Builder VA, specializing in Off-Page SEO, this professional seamlessly merges industry expertise with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Drawing from a keen understanding of human behavior, she applies these insights to her role as a Content Marketing Specialist, adding depth to her strategic approach in link-building initiatives and digital marketing.

6. Rachel D.

Meet Rachel, a results-driven SEO Strategist and Specialist dedicated to empowering small businesses and local brands online. With personalized website optimization services, she aims to achieve SEO goals and build strong online presences. Email radseostrategist@gmail.com to elevate your business. As an SEO expert, her mission is client partnership, offering support in navigating the dynamic SEO landscape. Rachel believes in genuine connections and tailors strategies to align with client objectives, fostering success beyond search rankings. Contact her for a discovery call and embark on an exciting digital journey together!

7. Josh Cabante

Acquiring proficiency in Amazon SEO and PPC demands ongoing learning, staying abreast of the latest algorithms, adhering to best practices, and staying informed on industry trends and changes.

8. Zahedah Zailon, RPm, CHRA.

Experienced Psychometrician, SEO Content Writer, and Certified HR Associate. Passionate about E-commerce and dedicated to volunteer work.

9. Jeremiah Seth L (Male)

Versatile professional with roles ranging from Article Writer to Pastry Chef. Diverse experience in B2B lead generation, local and international companies. Currently excelling as Content Writer and SEO/Web Content Writer.

10. Jefferson Clyde Flores “Jeff” Pascua

Experienced HR Coordinator seeking an admin/management position, both on-site and remote. Proficient in human relations, project management, and staff recruitment. Enjoys challenges and seeks opportunities for continuous learning and skill improvement.

11. Anton Miguel Plasabas

Proven SEO strategist with expertise in content marketing, strategic partnerships, and paid search programs. Improved search rankings, client revenue, and managed neglected websites. Skilled in website audit, social media, and technical SEO.

12. Charlene Baclayon

Charlene Baclayon, a VA for 7+ years, excels in SEO Link Building (guest post, link insert, broken link, resource page). Proficient in prospecting, outreach, and lead generation using Ahrefs, Google, SEMRush. Skilled in Social Media, post creation, follower growth, and Audio/Video/Podcast transcription. Basic graphic design using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

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