Roberto and Charita Puentespina wears many hats. But the one she is most proud of is that of being a farmer. The farming bug caught her young while growing up in Iloilo, adapting to her new home in Davao, and then building a business whilst raising a family. In between a budding career as an orchids, she still managed to espouse the cause of women and children when she became Zonta president in the early ‘90s.

In the late 80s and through the 90s, her orchid laboratory took up the cause of saving the walingwaling, she trail blazed in growing temperate cut flowers in the Philippines. Her initial efforts in the early ‘90’s has catapulted Puentespina Orchids & Tropical Plants, Inc. to where it is today, one of the pillars in the cut flower and cut foliage industry in the Philippines with over 300,000 dozen various cut flowers and cut foliage harvested annually.