Jonathan O. Suy, a distinguished Filipino entrepreneur and philanthropist, is recognized for his exemplary contributions to the business world, particularly in the fields of packaging and agriculture. His journey from selling newspapers to banana companies during his college years to becoming the Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines 2012 reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation.

Early Ventures of Jonathan O. Suy

During his college days, Suy identified a unique market need for newspapers in banana and pineapple plantations for fruit wrapping. seizing the opportunity, he sold old newspapers to these companies. This early venture laid the groundwork for his future success.

Jomaray Pulp Packaging Company

In 1995, armed with a modest capital of P500,000 and a vision for sustainable packaging solutions, Suy founded Jomaray Pulp Packaging Industries. The company specializes in manufacturing environmentally friendly packaging materials for agricultural and food products, utilizing recycled paper through pulp molding machines from Emery, Canada.

Diversification and Innovation

Suy's entrepreneurial journey didn't stop with packaging. Recognizing opportunities in his family's egg farm, he expanded into producing egg trays made from recycled newspapers. Over the years, he diversified his business interests, leading to the establishment of five different companies.

Business Expansion

From agriculture to poultry and ice plants, Suy's ventures have evolved into a diversified business empire. His commitment to developing his own machinery and starting from scratch showcases his dedication to the growth and sustainability of his enterprises.

Acknowledgment and Awards

In 2012, Suy was honored with the Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines award in the Small Business Category for his outstanding work with Jomaray Pulp Packaging Company. This prestigious award, presented by SGV&Co Ernst & Young, recognizes his remarkable contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape.


Aileen Suy - A Partner in Success

Aileen Suy, wife of Jonathan and Owner/COO of Ana's Breeders Farms, Inc. (ABFI), is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in the Suy family. Born to entrepreneur parents, Aileen's journey involves transforming ABFI from a contract breeder into the only fully integrated poultry operation in Davao City.

Vision for ABFI

Under Aileen's leadership, ABFI has become a billion-peso business, annually producing around 12 million eggs and 8.5 million chicks. Her vision for the company prioritizes product distribution, development of new food products, and expansion in the Visayas-Luzon region.

Sustainability and Innovation

Aileen's commitment to sustainability is evident in ABFI's integrated operations, where nothing goes to waste. The company leverages Subzero for cold storage, utilizes excess meat for processed foods, and efficiently converts animal waste into valuable resources.

Resilience During Challenges

Aileen's leadership shines through during challenging times, such as financial distress and the pandemic. She prioritizes employee well-being, avoiding layoffs and even hiring new workers during difficult periods. ABFI's resilience under her guidance demonstrates her ability to overcome challenges.

Social Responsibility

Beyond business success, Aileen emphasizes making a positive impact in the community. ABFI actively participates in social projects, provides jobs, ensures access to potable water, and supports initiatives like the annual Brigada Eskuwela programs.

Continued Recognition and Future Plans

As of 2022, both Jonathan and Aileen Suy are finalists for the Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines 2022. This recognition highlights their unwavering commitment to business excellence and community development. The award ceremony, scheduled for November 21, will reveal if they emerge as winners, representing the country in the World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2023 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.


LANDBANK AgriSenso Virtual Forum

In recognition of the importance of agriculture, Jonathan O. Suy actively participates in the LANDBANK AgriSenso Virtual Forum. The forum, led by LANDBANK Chairman Benjamin E. Diokno and President/CEO Cecilia C. Borromeo, aims to discuss opportunities for modernizing the agricultural sector while ensuring food security.

Poultry Industry Focus

The inaugural forum, held on August 15, 2022, focused on the poultry industry. Key industry players, including Atty. Elias Jose M. Inciong and Jonathan O. Suy, shared insights on industry challenges and innovative approaches to meet evolving consumer needs.

LANDBANK Poultry Lending Program

The forum introduced LANDBANK's Poultry Lending Program, designed to support sustainable and competitive poultry production. This initiative reflects LANDBANK's commitment to providing accessible and responsive lending programs for the agricultural sector.

Future Forums and Growth Opportunities

LANDBANK plans to continue the AgriSenso Virtual Forums, with each session focusing on specific agriculture industries. These forums serve as a collaborative platform for industry experts, stakeholders, and the government to discuss insights, initiatives, and future development plans.


Cargill Philippines, Inc. - Help Marawi Food Relief Operation

In times of crisis, Jonathan Suy extends his philanthropic efforts through collaborations like the Help Marawi Food Relief Operation. Cargill Philippines, Inc., under Suy's leadership as President of Qualifood Products, donated 38,000



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