5 Companies in Davao City: Driving Economic Growth
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5 Companies in Davao City: Driving Economic Growth

Davao City is a bustling urban center in the southern Philippines, known for its thriving economy and diverse industries. From agriculture and tourism to finance and real estate, the city is home to a wide range of businesses and organizations that drive its growth and development. Davao City is also known for its strong and […]

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dressing plant and agro-complex

Suy Foods: Supports’ Sustainable Agriculture and Improve Livelihoods in Davao City

Suy Foods, a leading producer of high-quality chicken and meat products in the Philippines, has recently launched a new dressing plant and agro-complex in Davao City. This 15-hectare facility is equipped with modern technology and resources to provide local farmers access to training, veterinary services, a hatchery, and a feed mill. This blog post explores […]

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